Welcome to the Union of Workers in the Communications Industry website. We are a trade union by name which is run by workers in the communications industry for workers in the communications industry. It does not affiliate to any political party, believing such issues are a matter between the individual and the ballot box. 
We seek to raise the profile of the in the communications industry and the role we carry out in providing the public with a first-class service in every part of the country. We take a keen interest in professional issues such as training and equipment for all those employed in the communications industry
We want to try and ensure that issues which are important to fellow communications industry staff are given the priority they need and that such issues are well up at the top of everyone’s agenda. We want the public to realise that we are an integral and vital part of the workforce. The only way this can be done is by doing it for ourselves. The way we do it for ourselves is through a trade union run by communications staff for communications staff.


We operate full legal cover for members through our partnership arrangement with a major national legal firm.  In Scotland we offer the same service through another major firm. In addition, we provide personal injury cover for all our members through another national firm. 
We have fully-trained officers and reps around the country who are able to represent  members at disciplinary and grievance hearings etc. This is irrespective of whether or not we are recognised locally by any particular Trust. The 1999 and 2004 Employment Relations Acts give us the right to represent our members whatever our recognised status is. Join the union today and reap the benefits.

Union asks members to back strike back in 2015
UNION members in Bassetlaw will ballot members working in local Government over changes to pensions.

Welcome to the Union of Workers in the Communications Industry website.
This is the official website of the Union for workers in the communications industry. We are the only union in the U.K. formed solely and exclusively to represent the interests of workers in the communications industry.


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The site is open to all, but is designed specifically to provide information for all U.K. communications industry workers regarding the current activities of their Union, and to provide a readily accessible database of information of particular interest to communications industry staff. Get in touch with us to learn more about the Union. Leading UNION lawyers now work for free

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PLEASE NOTE this website has nothing to do with the Northamptonshire Amalgamated Branch of the Communication Workers Union. For more information on the Communication Workers Union, please contact them directly at C/O Sol House, 29 St Katherines Street, Northampton NN1 2QZ . You can telephone them on 01604 631219.

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